DFW Nerd Nighters Mega Civilization

Do you like to watch other people play games? Do you like those games to take literally all day? Do you wish that while you watched people play games you could donate to charity? Well I have good news for you!

This Saturday, January 23rd, I will be participating in a game of Mega Civilization, probably the single biggest game I have ever or will ever play. Eighteen players, fifteen hours, and one enormous table. The DFW Nerd Nighters are setting it up, and it’ll feature numerous other people who work in the board gaming industry. You’ll be able to watch the game on Twitch, complete with commentary and confessional cameras.

The important part here is that we are doing this for charity! While you watch you’ll be able to donate to Worldbuilders, a charity set up by author Patrick Rothfuss to bring education, food stability, and crisis response to developing areas. It’s a great cause to which we are honored to contribute.

I strongly encourage you to check out our game on Saturday the 23rd, beginning at 9 AM CST. Here are some important links:

Event page

Twitch feed

Information on Worldbuilders

Information on Mega Civilization

We’ll see you on Saturday, or more accurately, you’ll see us. Be watching for Babylon, because that’s me!


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