This Month on the Review Corner: September 2016

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Besides my reviews on the Rumpus Room, I also write reviews for the Miniature Market Review Corner. Here are some highlights from the past month from that source. Go check them out!

My Reviews

  • Costa Rica – This is a nice little tile-laying and push-your-luck game. It gets the tile-laying part right, but the push-your-luck is a little thin for me.
  • Spells of Doom – Of all of the mage-dueling games out there, Spells of Doom is definitely one of them.
  • The Dragon & Flagon – Most gamers I know are lukewarm on programmed movement, but this new game by the Englestein clan made a believer out of me. Highly recommended.

Other Reviewers

  • Junk Art – I had never heard of this game, but Grace’s enthusiastic review makes me want to play it.
  • Star Trek: Ascendency – Charlie, Michael, and Dan bounce this new title around between them, and they all love it. Check out their head-to-head-to-head.
  • Inis – I really want to play this one, and Charlie’s review isn’t making it easier to wait.
  • Legendary: Big Trouble In Little China – I still haven’t played any of the Legendary games, but for those who are interested Byron covered this new installment.

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