Scythe – First Impressions


I’m usually a little sluggish to check out new games, which is a strange quality for someone who reviews them. Mostly I like being able to assess them apart from the inevitable flurry of enthusiasm that accompanies popular new releases. When there are so many new games to play, waiting six months or so can be useful, just to see what is still being played at that point. But this weekend I had the opportunity to play Scythe, and in this case at least I see why people are so enthusiastic about it. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Continue reading


Above and Below – First Impressions


Last night I got the chance to play last year’s hit by Ryan Laukat. The broad strokes of the game are pretty familiar, in the sense that you have to manage workers to do things like build buildings, gain resources, and gain new workers. It’s all pretty standard stuff, with a small exception. Continue reading