Friday Fallout – January 25, 2013

Hey, what’s going on? It’s been a couple weeks since there’s been fallout on a Friday, but I can be as lazy as I want on my own blog. Not that it’s hurting me too much, since the amount of content on this page actually has very little impact on my life. But I did just score a link from Reddit that you can see here. This kind of thing will stop being a big deal when it happens more often, so if you think it’s pointless to comment on such things, you should link to this blog more often, and it’ll be so boring that I don’t comment on it anymore. So that might work… Continue reading

Friday Fallout – January 4, 2012

The most interesting man in the world uses Google.

Hey, that’s a good idea.

Well, another new year is upon us. Also, should I capitalize New Year every time I write it? I still don’t know! No worries though. Four days in, and 2013 is looking pretty good. I happened to turn 30 on New Year’s Day, which was a time to try to reflect on my life and then forget about it and just play some games. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – December 28, 2012

Ho ho ho! Did everyone have a Merry Christmas? Mine was pretty terrific, as my son is now old enough to appreciate the fun of opening presents. I’ve had a lot of downtime with my family, and it’s been nice to relax. But no more of that for me! It’s time to update all y’all on what’s up, and then get around to writing my article for next week. It’s early, but I know that if I don’t get it done now I sure as shootin’ won’t feel like doing it on Monday night. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – December 21, 2012

The end of the world

The Silver Surfer was held up by the weather, or else we would have seen this coming.

So after a week of travelling, sleeping in different beds, and strep throat, I guess my body decided that I’d had enough of this thing called “sleep.” Seems like as good a time as any to update everyone on my recent gaming to-dos, as well as the rest of life. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – November 2, 2012

Still delicious though

Just like mom used to make.

We are now one third of the way through the three-headed monster that is the American holiday season. This year is a special one, because we have an election to contend with as well! You should be fine as long as you don’t walk into any stores, watch any TV, or ever use the internet until after January 1st. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – October 26, 2012

sven's warning

I want to say ouch in Swedish, but I can’t get my keyboard to put that little line through the “o.”

Oh, hello there! Yes, it’s been a couple of weeks since the last Fallout column, but my excuses are that I had a very busy Friday two weeks ago, and I was on vacation last week. So there. So now you know that you, as my readers, are not more important than personal relaxation and being busy.  Continue reading