A Special Announcment

So hey, there’s some pretty big news on my front. If you follow me on Twitter you already know this, but I have been asked to join Fortress: Ameritrash as a weekly columnist and staff member. It’s a great honor to get to join with some of the finest board game writers on the internet. Matt Thrower, Michael Barnes, and Matt Drake are among my favorite voices in the industry, and right alongside them you’ll see me, Nate Owens. Monday’s article, about the missing history of board gaming, was published to the front page yesterday. I’ll be there every Wednesday morning. Continue reading

To Arms, Comrades!

box cover

That designer? He also designed Tichu. Clearly an awesome Commie.

So there’s this game called Kremlin, okay? The object is to assign influence to different members of the Communist party in the USSR. Through bluffing, trickery, and good old-fashioned brute force, you will try to get your man in the position of party chair, and get him to wave at the yearly parade. It’s a fun game that’s made even better because of it’s thick theme and setting. Party members age and get sick, and if they’re really troublesome you can purge them and send them to Siberia. It’s pretty great how the game puts you in the proper mindset so effortlessly. Continue reading

Geekway to the West, 2012

After a few months of anticipation and several nights without enough sleep, I’m finally back from my escapade to St. Louis, and the Geekway to the West con. This was my first con, since it was well within driving distance for me. After a good friend of mine talked it up  last year, I decided that this year I would make the trip myself. Was it worth the miles driven and hotel prices? I would say that it absolutely was worth it, at least eventually. Continue reading