Games Are For Everyone

Greetings to any loyal readers who still remain! It’s been over a year and a half since my last entry on The Rumpus Room, and you could be forgiven for thinking I just wasn’t writing about games anymore. But you would be wrong! I still contribute to Fortress: Ameritrash, or as you might know it now, There Will Be Games. I publish a new article every two months, but I’ve also been regularly blogging a series called Why Do I Own This?, where I am reviewing every game in my collection, five at a time. Continue reading

Life After Collecting


I won’t be getting rid of Duel of Ages II anytime soon.

For years now I’ve tried to keep my game collection lean and mean. That meant I worked to move out games I only kind of liked, so that I could maybe flip them for games I would like even more. In lean financial times, such games served as a sort of currency. But beyond the desire for something new, under-played games gnaw at the corners of my mind, and I wanted to make sure I had a collection that was as close to sheer awesomeness as I could get it. But the name of the game has changed dramatically for me in recent months. After a year of pastoral ministry my family has accepted a missionary assignment to Asia, and we’ll be moving to the Philippines in the early part of Spring 2018.  Continue reading


You may have noticed that there haven’t been any articles about board games for a couple of weeks. This is because I am currently in board gaming exile. I’ve recently started my graduate classes, and most of my evenings are spent reading and writing stuff for my classes. Almost all of my gaming time has been spent in front of a TV, playing video games after I’m done reading for the night. But sitting down at a table with friends to play something in real life? That has been hard to make happen, and it looks like while classes are in session this will be the new normal. Continue reading

Holidays Away

This weekend my family traveled to visit my wife’s family in Southwestern Kansas for Thanksgiving. Since our families are so far spread around the country, we have made it our annual tradition to switch off spending Thanksgiving and Christmas between my family and hers. I’ve been looking forward to this holiday season in particular, since the move to Dallas has been as stressful and overwhelming as moving to a new state usually is. We spent the normal four days with my in-laws before heading back on the road. Continue reading

Haters Gonna Hate

Today Weezer released a new album,  their first in four years. For those wondering, the new album is actually pretty good. It’s not a new masterpiece, but it’s unreasonable to expect a band to release nothing but masterpieces. Given the bizarre nature of Weezer albums in the last ten years, I’d say that “good” is commendable. This seems to be the general consensus on the album, including a surprisingly positive review from Pitchfork. In a piece that maps closely to my own feelings, the following passage stuck out to me: Continue reading

A Jedi, Like His Father Before Him

It is your destiny.

One of the many joys of family is the ritual of passing stories to the next generation. Everyone has stories. Maybe they’re cultural ones, like fairy tales or fables. Maybe they have religious significance like the Bible stories I heard as a child and that I share with my own kids. Maybe they’re just family stories that are fun because you know everyone involved. Continue reading

Headed South

I don’t tend to get too personally revealing on my blog, and that’s gone doubly so for the last six months or so. It’s easy to just let this be my “review” spot, where I can chat about games and music and so forth, so I don’t always remember to share important things with my readers, especially ones that might affect what they are reading.  Continue reading

I’ve Seen The Lights Go Out On Olathe

2003 blackout New York

I saw the Empire State laid low.

Taking advantage of the long weekend, I planned several weeks ago to get together five friends and play a game of Dune, the classic game based on Frank Herbert’s book. This was going to be my fourth game, and I’ve been waiting to get it played again since this winter. It’s not always a long game, but it can go as long as six hours if it goes the distance, so it can take considerable effort to get it set up. Needless to say, this was a pretty exciting prospect for me. Continue reading

Thanks For Nothing, Amazon


This isn’t me. But it totally could have been.

I consider myself a reasonable man. I have to be, since I share a house with a small child whose religion involves sacrificing a third of his food to the floor gods. I didn’t go into a deep depression when Ohio State lost the Orange Bowl, a game with zero impact. I even drove all the way to Hutchinson, KS, in an ice storm, stopping every 20 miles to chip the ice off of my windshield wipers. Continue reading