A Marvel-ous World

If you have any kind of nerdy interests at all, you have probably already seen the announcement about the next five years of Marvel’s cinematic universe. They announced a whopping nine movies in that time frame, culminating in 2018 and 2019 with an enormous two-part Avengers movie adapting the Infinity War arc. The release schedule is as relentless as it’s ever been, dropping two movies in most years. The announcement didn’t even include Ant-Man and The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which are both bowing in 2015. Continue reading

For Asgard!

simonson thor

Like many boys, my childhood was filled with comics. For me those comics were collections of daily strips, particularly Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, and heaven help me, Garfield. I also was big on Asterix, partially because I had never heard of him before moving overseas. My favorite comics were (and probably still are) Tintin. But unlike a lot of people, superhero comics were never something I got into until adulthood. I do remember the hoopla surrounding the death of Superman, and I had some passing casual interest in TV shows about them. Batman: The Animated Series began while I was young, and the X-Men had infiltrated popular culture as well. But the world of the superhero comic was one that remained closed off to me. Continue reading

Tintin et Moi

Not many people know this, but in middle school, my dream career was that of a cartoonist. Not that I was much of one, but for the 6th grade, I wasn’t half-bad. Most of my stuff was simply re-drawn pictures of Snoopy and Garfield, but I did invent my own strip (sort of), and I was a great lover of the funnies. Since we lived overseas for most of my developmental years, I did not get to read most of my favorite strips. It was only for the generosity of Jeanne Rushton, an elderly lady that my dad used to pastor, that I was able to keep up with the Sunday comics at all. She would bundle several months worth of Sunday funnies, and mail them to us in a big envelope. These were treasured by my sister and I. We read and re-read them until the newsprint disintegrated. Continue reading