Whatever Happened, Happened

Live together or die alone.

If you’ve been with me since the early days, way back in 2010-2011, you might remember a little feature I ran called “Re-Lost.” At the time the intent was to go through the entire series of Lost and to give bi-weekly recaps of every episode. I only ever made it as far as the end of season one, mostly due to exhaustion and the realization that I didn’t have a lot to add to what has to be the most heavily commented-upon show of my lifetime. But after rewatching the first season of the show for the third time while I wrote those recaps, I went ahead and continued my rewatch. Not all at once, mind you. I would go in dribs and drabs, burning through a few episodes then setting it aside for a while. I’m now about two or three episodes into season five on this, my third viewing of my favorite TV drama. Continue reading


scooby-doo: mystery incorporated

I was too young to remember this, but my parents have told me many times that when I was my son’s age I was a big fan of Scooby-Doo. Just the other day my mom told me about how I sat and watched rerun after rerun while movers loaded up our family’s things for a move. I was only shaken from my reverie when they loaded my baby sister’s bassinet, I guess because I wanted to make sure they didn’t take EVERYTHING important out of the house. Continue reading

The Twelfth Doctor

Peter Capaldi

Maybe the 12th Doctor will wear a pith helmet? Pith helmets are cool.

So for those who don’t have the most annoying kind of Facebook friends (i.e. ones like me), you may not know that Matt Smith’s successor has been named. The role of the Doctor in Doctor Who will be passing to Peter Capaldi at the end of the Christmas special this year. I haven’t really gauged fan response much yet, because I value my sanity too much. But one major departure is that Capaldi is 55 years old, the oldest actor to take the role since William Hartnell did it for the first time fifty years ago. Continue reading

Man of Steel Review

Man of Steel

In capable hands, Superman represents the best of what humanity can be. He’s meant to be an example for us, someone to guide us and give us something to strive towards. Man of Steel makes this explicit more than once, and then proceeds to make this beacon, this shining messianic figure, spend all his time smashing things and hitting people. It’s a violent, destructive movie, told with a minimum of wit and fun. I know that a lot of people will love it. If this represents the Superman movie you really wanted, then bully for you. But I will do all I can to just steer people towards the first two Christopher Reeves Superman movies, since they still represent Superman’s best foray onto the big screen. Continue reading

A New Start – Arrested Development Season 4

A hot mess

That’s not a good sign.

There WILL be spoilers about this new season of Arrested Development below, though I’ll try to keep them to a minimum. Just be warned and don’t complain to me.

If you only watched the first couple episodes of Arrested Development’s fourth season, you are in no way qualified to comment on their quality. It’s probably the most demanding piece of television I’ve watched since The Wire, and that was at least chronological. It might be the most detailed farce I’ve ever seen, with jokes that don’t look like jokes at first, layered callbacks to previous concepts, and scenes that feature jokes on a conceptual, visual, and verbal level all going at the same time. It’s the television equivalent of the proverbial brick joke, where a joke is only ever explained by the punch line of a completely different joke later on. Except it’s about 30 brick jokes going on at any one time, and they’re all stretched out over 7-8 hours.
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The Journey to Trenzalore


As many of you no doubt read on Saturday afternoon, Matt Smith is hanging it up as The Doctor after three years in the role. In my head three years doesn’t feel like a very long time, but in fact it’s just about the average tenure for actors playing the Doctor. The only exceptions are Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, the Third and Fourth Doctors respectively. He’s hanging it up during the annual Christmas special this year, just after the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special in November. Continue reading

Unhand her, Dan Backslide!

In the days of VHS tapes, it was common for my parents to buy videos for us with a small selection of public domain cartoons. Usually they’d find one from a prominent character like Mickey Mouse or Daffy Duck, and then round out the rest with cartoons that time forgot. I watched these tapes to death, memorizing every beat and line of dialog. About six months ago, I was inspired to watch one that I used to have on such a tape: “The Dover Boys of Pimento University,” directed by the legendary Chuck Jones. Watch it for yourself here. It’s something wonderful.

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