Won and Done

I wanna go back, I gotta go back, to O-HI-O.

I have always thought that my greatest sports memory was watching Ohio State beat Miami in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl. It was a ridiculous game, with numerous lead changes and two overtimes. Ohio State was helped mightily by a pass interference call that I think was legit but sure took a long time to produce a flag. It was one of those razor-thin games that most people expected would be a Miami victory, which was a fair expectation at the time. The Buckeyes had squeaked by everyone that year, including a game-ending interception in the end zone to beat Michigan in the final bout. It really did feel like a “no one believes in us” moment. Continue reading

Drive, Drive on Down the Field

carlos hyde

Carlos Hyde about to trample a Michigan defender

Let’s get this out of the way right now: college football as a organized sport is almost totally broken. It was broken before the BCS, and it will continue to be broken in the playoff when that comes around next year. Fans complain endlessly that nothing is determined on the field, and yet we constantly try to make a case to ignore the only tangible evidence we have in front of us. I am convinced that Ohio State should have played a much closer game against Florida in the 2006 National Championship game, in spite of the only concrete evidence being very much to the contrary. Alabama somehow got the nod to play LSU for the championship in 2011, even though such a game had already been played, and showed that Bama lost. Several teams, like Nebraska in 2001, Oklahoma in 2003, and Bama in 2011 got the opportunity to play for the national championship in spite of the fact that they weren’t even the best teams in their conference. It’s a sport entirely based on feelings, one where we refuse to accept the concrete, because the concrete has been proven wrong just often enough to make us doubt it more than we should. Continue reading

A Bad Case of the Clevelands

Injuries in Cleveland

Yeah, that’s about right.

Earlier this week I saw this story over on Bleacher Report. Every NFL preseason is littered with articles speculating which teams will finally break through and begin competing in the coming season, so I usually ignore them. But this one caught my eye, because it was a surprisingly well-reasoned article about why my beloved Cleveland Browns might actually be competitive this season. You can read the article yourself to get the gory details, but suffice to say it allowed me to hope just a little bit that this season might be different. Continue reading

When Did He First Say “Ugh, who drew that?”

Washington RedskinsSports fans might have been following some recent flap about the Washington Redskins, whose nickname is considered offensive by a lot of people. The front office of the team has actually issued a survey to fans as to whether the team should change the nickname, which they’ve had since the 1930’s. Owner Dan Snyder has gone on record saying that they will never change the nickname. There’s even been some threats of congressional action against the team. Continue reading