Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is Amazing


I got a Nintendo Gamecube a couple of years into college, and one of the first games I bought was Super Smash Bros. Melee. I’m not generally a big fighting game guy, but I am a big Nintendo guy, and it ended up being an outstanding purchase. It singlehandedly justified the not-inconsiderable cost of buying a couple more controllers, because it was always easy to find a few more people who were ready to put down the books and spend an hour or two beat the tar out of each other in the form of beloved Nintendo characters.
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Review – Every Mario Kart 8 Track


It’s a common misconception that unemployment means you are looking for a job, and that’s what you’re doing. The truth is that this is only a portion of what you do. In my case a big part of unemployment has been occupied by caring forpreschoolers and wondering why 4-year-old boys are so insane. Then there are thetimes spent polishing resumes, applying for jobs, following up, stuff like that. The rest of that time has basically been taken up eating, sleeping, and playing Mario Kart 8. Continue reading

Mario Kart 8 is Great

Mario Kart 8

You’re lucky I’m even taking the time to write this blog entry. If I had my way I’d be playing Mario Kart 8 right now instead of telling you why you should also be playing Mario Kart 8. Normally I wouldn’t feel like I’d need to tell you how good Mario Kart 8 actually is, but given the international shoulder shrug that has greeted the Wii U I feel like I at least need to tell you that it’s got some pretty great games. Super Mario 3D World is terrific, as are Windwaker HD and Nintendo Land. But at the moment I can think of nothing I’d rather be playing than the newest iteration of Mario Kart. Continue reading

Which Mario Tune is the Best?


Let’s begin with an objective fact: the Mario games have the best music of any video game series ever. We’ve all gotten one stuck in our head, and if your anything like me it leads to and endless parade of every opening world song in the history of the series. If you’re the type who likes to whistle, they’re the perfect songs for that pastime, because they’re jaunty, happy, and neverending. It helps that they’re from what is likely the most consistently amazing series of video games ever, because that means you’ve probably played almost all of them until your fingers bled. Such an important topic clear presents an important question: which Mario game has the best tune of them all? Continue reading