My 2013 Ancient Treasures

zelda treasure

It can only be used in this dungeon.

Ahh, the Christmas season. Irritating songs, endless social functions with co-workers, and a easy five pounds to round out that girlish figure. For a game blogger/writer, it’s also a time to start making lists. I already did one a couple weeks ago with my favorite games ever, which is an annual tradition I’ve done for four years now. In a couple of weeks I’ll have one with my top games released roughly in 2013. Continue reading

Rumpus Room Top Twelve – Parallel Universe Edition


When I posted this year’s Top Twelve list to Facebook, a Euro-fan friend of mine noted that our two lists of favorites had now totally diverged. It’s true too. I started out as a fresh-faced fan of Eurogames, and then cynicism and darkness crept into my soul until only the deep embrace of dice could soothe my fevered brow. Continue reading

First World Gamer

first world problems

Woe is me

Tomorrow night I’m going out to my local game store to meet up with some friends to play Archipelago. This is a game where each player is exploring and colonizing a chain of islands, which sounds like standard Eurogame fare until you realize that it’s going for theme instead of strategy. This will mark the second time I’ve played, after a learning game not quite a month ago where everyone lost (yes, that can happen). I also have review copies of Relic Runner and Duel of Ages II sitting around. Not only that, but I’ve participated in two math trades in 2013, and I still have a couple of unplayed games from the one in March, to say nothing of the one we held in August. And then there are all those games that I’ve only played once or twice, but that I want to play more because they interest me. And this isn’t an unusual thing for board gamers. We all have unplayed or underplayed games in our collections. Continue reading