A New Start – Arrested Development Season 4

A hot mess

That’s not a good sign.

There WILL be spoilers about this new season of Arrested Development below, though I’ll try to keep them to a minimum. Just be warned and don’t complain to me.

If you only watched the first couple episodes of Arrested Development’s fourth season, you are in no way qualified to comment on their quality. It’s probably the most demanding piece of television I’ve watched since The Wire, and that was at least chronological. It might be the most detailed farce I’ve ever seen, with jokes that don’t look like jokes at first, layered callbacks to previous concepts, and scenes that feature jokes on a conceptual, visual, and verbal level all going at the same time. It’s the television equivalent of the proverbial brick joke, where a joke is only ever explained by the punch line of a completely different joke later on. Except it’s about 30 brick jokes going on at any one time, and they’re all stretched out over 7-8 hours.
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Tobias, you blowhard!

There’s got to be a better way to say that…

Arrested Development is in a three-horse race (along with The Simpsons and Lost) for the coveted prize of “Nate’s Favorite TV Show.” For anyone who has spent any time on the internet in the past three months or so, you know that it has returned to Netflix for a fourth season, dropping all at once in a fifteen-episode chunk. I don’t think it had been live for 36 hours before I was already reading people who were declaring it terrible and something that basically ruined the series forever. Continue reading

Keeping Up With Nobody

Back in 2011, when Spotify debuted in the US, it allowed me to access an extraordinary range of music that I’d never gotten into before. For a brief moment there, I felt like all of my horizons were expanding aggressively, like I was finally expanding all of my tastes. Just today, I looked at my favorite stuff and realized that I essentially now use the service as an expanded CD collection, sticking with a few reliable artists that I KNOW I like rather than actively seeking out new stuff. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – August 17, 2012


Maybe if timber-wolves started driving cars, they’d pay attention to them.

My assumed pace of writing two articles a week, not counting this little housekeeping number, has fallen by the wayside lately. Will I get back to it this week? Maybe! But then again, I’m not getting paid for this. What do I care? Continue reading

Friday Fallout – August 10, 2012

pod racer

Now THIS is pod racing.

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fallout, where I’m tempted to gripe about how long the work week feels every week. But none of that right now. It’s Friday, and every bad thing that happens to me today will officially be regarded as Monday Nate’s problem. Our family is taking one last road trip to St. Louis to meet up with some family. It’s just a couple of days, and it’s just St. Louis, but I’m still very excited. Continue reading