A Room Of Our Own

12 gardens live billy joel

I moved to Kansas City from Michigan in 2006, just a year out of college. I was about to embark on a short-lived stint in college before I settled down, met my wife, and put down roots in the KC area, but I didn’t know any of that in 2006. All I knew was that I had a new life awaiting me, my first time on my own, and I knew it was a long ways away. Anticipating a lot of time with my own thoughts, I went to Wal-Mart and looked for some new music to help occupy me on my trip. For whatever reason, my eye was drawn to Billy Joel’s new live album, 12 Gardens. Continue reading

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I spent this last week in Ohio on vacation. I had the best intentions to write while I was gone, I really did. I even brought my laptop and everything. But instead I used it entirely for watching The West Wing on Netflix and playing FTL, thereby shirking my duty to write rambling thoughts for all of you people to read for free. Continue reading