Friday Fallout – September 7, 2012



I’ll be honest: I expected to say that I had a second kid by this time. Our first kid was a week early, so actually waiting for the due date this time has felt like years upon years. But that means that I will get to go to game night tonight. That is until I rush out in an expectant-father flurry of activity. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – August 17, 2012


Maybe if timber-wolves started driving cars, they’d pay attention to them.

My assumed pace of writing two articles a week, not counting this little housekeeping number, has fallen by the wayside lately. Will I get back to it this week? Maybe! But then again, I’m not getting paid for this. What do I care? Continue reading

Friday Fallout – August 3, 2012

Bane Cosby

I already posted this to Facebook, but it made me laugh too much to not use it again.

My son was visiting his grandparents all this week, which gave my wife and I a nice little break before our next one gets here in a few weeks. This sounds like it would be wonderful, but I think it was only really nice for about three days, and then I was a little edgy because he wasn’t around. And despite the childless-ness I didn’t get a bunch of gaming in, although last weekend had a lot of stuff in it. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – July 20, 2012


Indeed, old chap!

Kind of a quiet week from me, and that’s my fault. I got a little behind, since I didn’t have a chance to write something over the weekend. At the risk of disappointing my legions of readers, my intent is to try and get in one review and one non-review article, aside from Friday Fallout. I was able to pull it off last week, but a review didn’t make it out this week. I’ll try to correct that next week. Now onward!
Continue reading

Friday Fallout – July 13, 2012

scumbag beer

Studies show that drinking before saying something stupid may result in saying something stupid.

Don’t step on any cracks or anything. It’s Friday the 13th, and that can only be a bad thing. To whit, you’re stuck reading the newest installment of Friday Fallout. Following a moderately fallow period of gaming, I’ve actually been able to get a lot of stuff played recently. And some other things have happened too. Continue reading