Speak Friend and Enter – D&D Adventure System Review

box and guts

Despite any flaws in the game, it looks terrific.

I never played Dungeons & Dragons growing up, but I see the appeal. There’s an allure to pretending to be a group of adventurers, delving deep under the ground to defeat the forces of evil. It resonates, and if I was the “MA in Literature” type, I could probably write a paper about the archetypes at work there. D&D was smart to tap into that. But geez, have you ever read a D&D sourcebook? For that matter, have you ever read any RPG book? They are insanely complex to the uninitiated, and even to some old pros. Barrier to entry is the biggest issue with RPGs, and Wizards of the Coast knows this. That’s why they created the D&D Adventure system. It’s a way to get that “into the dark places”  feeling without needing to commit to reading three hardcover books to play. Continue reading