Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks in Review


Over the last five years or so, Gale Force 9 as established themselves as the premier design house for licensed properties. From huge nerd fandoms like Star Trek and Firefly, to somewhat more niche licenses like Homeland and Spartacus, the good folks at GF9 have shown themselves more than capable of creating games that reflect the feel and themes of those properties with uncanny accuracy. That’s what made me so excited when GF9 landed the license to Doctor Who back in 2015. If anyone could make the hit BBC property work in board game form, it was these people. A good Doctor Who game has been something of a white whale for gamers, so the excitement was palpable. Then came the waiting. Continue reading

Potterville: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Goblet of Fire movie poster

It took me a long time to appreciate Goblet of Fire as a movie. It definitely has the hardest job of any of the films, because it has to adapt one of the longest books in the series. Not only that, but it’s not a book that will let you remove parts easily. It’s the climax in the classic sense, the turning point of the entire arc of Harry Potter. So it’s a tough adaptation, and they do a good job. But it’s the first time where we see some narrative seams showing. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the weakest Harry Potter movie that I’ve reviewed so far, and it might end up at the bottom of the pile when all is said and done. Continue reading

The Twelfth Doctor

Peter Capaldi

Maybe the 12th Doctor will wear a pith helmet? Pith helmets are cool.

So for those who don’t have the most annoying kind of Facebook friends (i.e. ones like me), you may not know that Matt Smith’s successor has been named. The role of the Doctor in Doctor Who will be passing to Peter Capaldi at the end of the Christmas special this year. I haven’t really gauged fan response much yet, because I value my sanity too much. But one major departure is that Capaldi is 55 years old, the oldest actor to take the role since William Hartnell did it for the first time fifty years ago. Continue reading

The Journey to Trenzalore


As many of you no doubt read on Saturday afternoon, Matt Smith is hanging it up as The Doctor after three years in the role. In my head three years doesn’t feel like a very long time, but in fact it’s just about the average tenure for actors playing the Doctor. The only exceptions are Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, the Third and Fourth Doctors respectively. He’s hanging it up during the annual Christmas special this year, just after the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special in November. Continue reading

Trust Me: I’m the Doctor.

Best. Theme Song. Ever

Not long after our first son was born, we found out that Netflix was doing this little trick called Instant Watch, and that we could do it on our Wii. (In those days you had to send away for a disc that would run in your Wii, instead of a downloadable app.) One of the first shows recommended to me by many friends was the new reboot of Doctor Who, which began its run on the BBC in 2005. I didn’t know what to think of the show at first. It was always right on the edge of being laughably ridiculous, but just grounded enough to still be exciting, scary, and intentionally funny. Three years later, and I would consider myself one of the converted, a genuine fan of not only the new show, but of the classic series as well. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – October 26, 2012

sven's warning

I want to say ouch in Swedish, but I can’t get my keyboard to put that little line through the “o.”

Oh, hello there! Yes, it’s been a couple of weeks since the last Fallout column, but my excuses are that I had a very busy Friday two weeks ago, and I was on vacation last week. So there. So now you know that you, as my readers, are not more important than personal relaxation and being busy.  Continue reading

Friday Fallout – October 5th, 2012


Maybe they’re born with it…

I could begin this section by griping about how busy I’ve been. But that would be redundant wouldn’t it? Suffice to say that adjusting to a second child, while easier than adjust to the first one, still takes some doing. We’re getting there, slowly by surely. Tonight’s my big game night, so there’ll be more game news later on. Continue reading