Round One! FIGHT! – Yomi Review

Yomi box

Hmmm, I wonder what this game is called?

Like other high schoolers, I often would sleep over at my friends’ houses. And by sleeping over, I mean that we played Risk and videogames all night long. Our brain-rotter of choice was Tekken 3. On one occasion we played for probably five hours straight, making the loser of each match step out to face the winner. It was a cruel affair, but it was the first time that I remember attaining oneness with a video game. You’ve been there, right? You play a game so much that you do everything in the game without thinking. It tended to happen mostly with old school platformers like Mega Man, but it also happened with fighting games when you played against other players. I was never better at Tekken 3 than I was that night. I took out all comers with Jin Kazama, and I could not be stopped. Then I made the mistake of sleeping and my powers left me as I slumbered. Never again did I attain oneness with Tekken. Continue reading

A New Challenger Approaches: Puzzle Strike Review

Puzzle Strike cover

Round one...FIGHT!

Does anyone even remember days before deck-building games existed? I remember the first time I played Dominion, back in the fall of 2008. Even though it cribbed generously from both CCGs and efficiency Euro games, it did so in a way that felt completely fresh. I remember that sense of “awakening” that only a few games before have given me. And I wasn’t the only one to feel that way either. Dominion has become one of the few genuine crossover hits in the hobby, up there with titles like Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride as games that will convince the average Joe to enter the dankest game store. Continue reading

Blurring the Lines

My love of video games stopped in about 1992. Most of the recent video games I’ve loved have fallen squarely in the footsteps of franchises established in the 16-bit generation. I still really love Mario and Zelda, and so forth, but a lot of the stronger story-based video gaming has eluded me. Not that such games aren’t good, I just never really got into them. Because of that, I never really identified with the video gaming culture. Instead I hitched my wagon to hobby board gaming, which is decidedly less cool. It’s interesting, because the two fields were kind of parallel 30 years ago. But since then, video gaming has become really big business, and board gaming has remained stuck in its niche. I don’t really have a lot of reasons for that, but it’s definitely the truth. Continue reading

You should play Yomi right now.

So I haven’t written much on games in a while, and there are some good reasons for that. The biggest one is that with a wee one around, I just don’t have much time for it anymore. I usually get one night a week, and usually some more games on the weekend. Many people would kill to get that much gaming in, but it’s not a lot if you plan on writing things on new games. But I have a new game you should definitely check out.

You definitely need to try Yomi. Continue reading