The Rumpus Room Top Twelve – 2014 Edition

A pogo stick!

The holiday season is a time for tradition, and as we all know “tradition” is a Christmas-y word for obligation. I’ve been at my tradition for five years now, where I look at my twelve favorite games and see what has shifted over the last year. My approach has evolved some, but I do it again from scratch every year. Our tastes aren’t set in stone after all. You can see by reading my lists from 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013Continue reading


Rumpus Room Top Twelve – Parallel Universe Edition


When I posted this year’s Top Twelve list to Facebook, a Euro-fan friend of mine noted that our two lists of favorites had now totally diverged. It’s true too. I started out as a fresh-faced fan of Eurogames, and then cynicism and darkness crept into my soul until only the deep embrace of dice could soothe my fevered brow. Continue reading

Five Pesos on Nutmeg! – Manila Review

box cover

Under an orange Filipino sky.

I’ve been reviewing games for nearly five years, and I’ve never played anything quite like Manila. I don’t mean that my experience hasn’t led me to anything similar, I mean I don’t even know anyone ELSE who has played anything similar. Usually something so unique would be a tough sell. After all, “unique” is usually a fancy word for “weird.” But Manila never feels weird, only natural and fun. The wildest part of all is that Manila isn’t even available anymore. I’m not sure how this gross injustice happened. Far worse games have been consistent favorites, while this gem withered on store shelves and now fetches nearly $100 on the secondary market. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – October 26, 2012

sven's warning

I want to say ouch in Swedish, but I can’t get my keyboard to put that little line through the “o.”

Oh, hello there! Yes, it’s been a couple of weeks since the last Fallout column, but my excuses are that I had a very busy Friday two weeks ago, and I was on vacation last week. So there. So now you know that you, as my readers, are not more important than personal relaxation and being busy.  Continue reading