This Month on the Review Corner: September 2016

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Besides my reviews on the Rumpus Room, I also write reviews for the Miniature Market Review Corner. Here are some highlights from the past month from that source. Go check them out!

My Reviews

  • Costa Rica – This is a nice little tile-laying and push-your-luck game. It gets the tile-laying part right, but the push-your-luck is a little thin for me.
  • Spells of Doom – Of all of the mage-dueling games out there, Spells of Doom is definitely one of them.
  • The Dragon & Flagon – Most gamers I know are lukewarm on programmed movement, but this new game by the Englestein clan made a believer out of me. Highly recommended.

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Miniature Market’s Review Corner

Remember when I used to write about games?

Notice I didn’t say “when I used to write about anything.” That’s because I’ve actually written a fair bit for my classes, and there will be plenty more of those pieces to come, though probably none of them will be on this blog. But writing about board games? That was something I just didn’t have a lot of time to do. Continue reading