Reassessing Puerto Rico


There was a time when Puerto Rico was the undisputed king of hobby board gaming. Roughly ten years ago, there was no design so well-loved and analyzed by board gamers. One of those fans was myself. Puerto Rico was among the first hobby games I purchased, and I played it many times with my friends. We learned about the strategies and grappled with the circuitous mechanics that make the game so interesting. But something happened after a couple of years: I discovered my love for more high-luck, high-narrative games. The chess-like structure of Andreas Seyfarth’s classic design didn’t hold as much interest for me, and I traded it away without looking back. Continue reading


I Know A Boat You Can Get On – San Juan Review

San Juan

Das is der German cover. Just so you know.

There are times when reviews are easy to write. That’s usually when you really love the game, or when you really hate it. The point is, it helps to have very strong feelings one way or the others. The real challenge comes when the game doesn’t have an enormous impact. This is especially true for those reviewers (like myself) who tend to write more emotionally. When you aren’t moved strongly either way, it’s difficult to come up with a review that is anything like interesting.  Continue reading