Serious Partying


I wouldn’t call Codenames the best game I’ve played in the past couple years, but it’s probably one of my most-played. This is partially due to its length, short enough that almost no one plays just one game, and its flexibility with player numbers. It handles ten people as well as it handles four. I’ve even gone higher than that, and it’s been fine (your results my be different). But probably the biggest factor has been that it can be pulled out with just about any group at all, regardless of experience level. These days I bring it to just about any gathering where games might be played. If people have played it before, they’ll probably play it again. If no one has heard of it, it almost always ends up with someone asking me where they can buy a copy. It’s cheap too, so people don’t balk at the price like they do with most hobby games. Continue reading


In My Opinion…- Say Anything

Say Anything box cover

My friends really think I need to speak a little quieter.

There’s a period in every gamer’s life where we harbor dreams that our friends and family will convert to hobby games. We show them some game (Ticket to Ride! Settlers of Catan!) that we hope will cause an epiphany that sends them scrambling for the nearest game store. And then the holidays come around, and our attempts fail. We learn that most people don’t even regard board gaming as a hobby possibility. As a friend of mine once said, it’s a little like telling someone your hobby is fruit. Most people never consider it an option. Continue reading

Friday Fallout: June 1, 2012


Thanks, brain.

And so ends the biggest month my blog has ever had. I had over 5,000 visitors in the month of May, which is about half of the overall traffic my site has had. So thanks to all of my readers, old and new. And keep on spreading the word about The Rumpus Room. I don’t write about games just for my own enjoyment, you know.

Oh wait…yeah, I mostly do. But now it’s for your enjoyment too. So keep the comments coming. Thanks for your support! Continue reading