Star Wars: Epic Duels Retro Review


Many board gaming hobbyists have a story of how a rare game just kind of fell in their lap. I know a couple people who found complete copies of Dune in thrift stores. One friend of mine had a copy of Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit literally given to him by someone who found it in their garage. While I’ve never had anything quite that lucky, I did end up with a copy of Star Wars: Epic Duels for a mere $35, which is a far cry from the prices that game commands today. I’m glad I have it too, because it’s a lean, fun action game, exactly what a Star Wars game should be. Continue reading

A Jedi, Like His Father Before Him

It is your destiny.

One of the many joys of family is the ritual of passing stories to the next generation. Everyone has stories. Maybe they’re cultural ones, like fairy tales or fables. Maybe they have religious significance like the Bible stories I heard as a child and that I share with my own kids. Maybe they’re just family stories that are fun because you know everyone involved. Continue reading

Critical Rest

anton ego

When you write a lot of reviews, you tend to view everything with a critic’s eye. I’ve enjoyed writing reviews since I was in college, though it’s only in the last couple years where I feel like they’ve been anything beyond middling. This tendency is a good way to start a conversation, but not a very good way to not look like a jerk in social situations. I resisted the social convention not to crap all over something someone else likes for a long time. It must be clear that this was not something I did to pick on anyone else’s taste in movies, music, or games. It was simply my opinion, and I assumed that was understood. Continue reading

Defensive Posture

I’ve blogged on and off for about 10 years, first on a Xanga site in college, and now on WordPress. For many years I have considered writing a lengthy piece on why I enjoy the Star Wars prequels, since I seem to be the only one who hasn’t written them off entirely. I was actually mentally rehearsing everything I would write for this very evening, and then I felt myself deciding not to bother. Not that it won’t ever be written, (no topic is off the table, really) but I didn’t feel up to it tonight. Continue reading

To-Do List

shopping list

Sowndz gud

Anyone who claims to have any authority on a subject needs to do  their homework. Would you trust a film critic who had never seen The Wizard of Oz or Casablanca? How about a rock columnist totally unfamiliar with The Who? Well, I’ve fashioned myself as something of an authority on board games (cue laugh track), but I must confess some gaps in my own knowledge of the hobby. So I thought about what games are among those that I feel I should have played by now and haven’t? Continue reading


Tobias, you blowhard!

There’s got to be a better way to say that…

Arrested Development is in a three-horse race (along with The Simpsons and Lost) for the coveted prize of “Nate’s Favorite TV Show.” For anyone who has spent any time on the internet in the past three months or so, you know that it has returned to Netflix for a fourth season, dropping all at once in a fifteen-episode chunk. I don’t think it had been live for 36 hours before I was already reading people who were declaring it terrible and something that basically ruined the series forever. Continue reading

No Disintegrations – Star Wars: The Card Game Review

Star Wars Box cover

I’m on the leader!

Star Wars represents my third attempt at one of Fantasy Flight’s Living Card Games. My first was a copy of Game of Thrones that I scored in a math trade. I tried most of one two-player game, and it was not much to my taste at all. I found the strategy more daunting than the effort I was prepared to expend, and I’m not a big fan of the source material in the first place. So into the trade pile it went. Then I tried my hand at the very unusual Lord of the Rings card game. I’m a big fan of those books, but after a brief flash of enthusiasm, that one left me cold as well. It felt mired in process, and all too often the cooperative nature rendered the game an utter slog.  Continue reading