For Asgard!

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Like many boys, my childhood was filled with comics. For me those comics were collections of daily strips, particularly Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, and heaven help me, Garfield. I also was big on Asterix, partially because I had never heard of him before moving overseas. My favorite comics were (and probably still are) Tintin. But unlike a lot of people, superhero comics were never something I got into until adulthood. I do remember the hoopla surrounding the death of Superman, and I had some passing casual interest in TV shows about them. Batman: The Animated Series began while I was young, and the X-Men had infiltrated popular culture as well. But the world of the superhero comic was one that remained closed off to me. Continue reading

Man of Steel Review

Man of Steel

In capable hands, Superman represents the best of what humanity can be. He’s meant to be an example for us, someone to guide us and give us something to strive towards. Man of Steel makes this explicit more than once, and then proceeds to make this beacon, this shining messianic figure, spend all his time smashing things and hitting people. It’s a violent, destructive movie, told with a minimum of wit and fun. I know that a lot of people will love it. If this represents the Superman movie you really wanted, then bully for you. But I will do all I can to just steer people towards the first two Christopher Reeves Superman movies, since they still represent Superman’s best foray onto the big screen. Continue reading

The Amazing Captain Iron Super Lantern

Captain Iron Super LanternMy eldest son just turned three years old, and he’s now at that age where he’s “into” stuff. Specifically, he’s into superheroes. And when I say that he’s “into” them, I mean that most of the toys, books, and TV shows he cares about involve some combination of Iron Man, Batman, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and sometimes Superman. And then there’s the real favorite, the one who stands above all others: Spider-Man. Continue reading