clemons and springsteen

I think it started at about age 16 when a friend got me into The Beatles. It was something of a revelation for me to learn about Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper, and “Hey Jude.” Part of that was because the Beatles we just that good, but another part of it was that it felt hugely relevant to me. Rather than some musty relic of the 1960s, I discovered that they were as vibrant as anything I had ever heard. It wasn’t a museum piece at all, it connected with me right there in 1999. I’m a little embarrassed now that I ask asking other friends about whether they had heard something like “I Am The Walrus.” Their responses were justifiably a baffled variation on “of course I have,” which mystified me. Surely something this good would be played all the time right? Continue reading

Friday Fallout – August 10, 2012

pod racer

Now THIS is pod racing.

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fallout, where I’m tempted to gripe about how long the work week feels every week. But none of that right now. It’s Friday, and every bad thing that happens to me today will officially be regarded as Monday Nate’s problem. Our family is taking one last road trip to St. Louis to meet up with some family. It’s just a couple of days, and it’s just St. Louis, but I’m still very excited. Continue reading

Long, Long, Long

Why Don't We Do It In The Road?

Come and keep your comrade warm.

When I was first introduced to the albums of the Beatles, my favorite album was The White Album. Since I had only known their hits, my first exposure to the Fab Four’s albums was overwhelming and kind of wonderful. Every song took me to a different place, and those places were always surprising. As I listened to their other albums, I found that pretty much all of their stuff was terrific. Rubber Soul and Revolver were tighter than The White Album. Abbey Road was more polished. Sgt. Pepper was more revolutionary, and A Hard Day’s Night was just punchier and more fun. But after all these years with The Beatles, I keep coming back to the White Album, even though it’s something of a mess. Continue reading

Friday Fallout – July 27th, 2012


What smells like perspective?

Wooo! Back again after a slow gaming week. But it didn’t hurt me too bad, since The Rumpus Room grabbed a mention by W. Eric Martin in BGG News. You can read the article and ensuing discussion here. I don’t normally follow BGG threads very closely, but feel free to join in if you like.
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