Looking for an accomplice – Consolers of the Lonely (2008)


Consolers of the Lonely, the thunderous second album by The Raconteurs, was altogether unexpected. It was announced with almost zero fanfare in March of 2008, and released just days later. The Raconteurs pounded it out in roughly a week, and it was in the hands of listeners just three weeks after that. It’s also surprising how much more fleshed-out it is than Broken Boy Soldiers, which had an understated quality, solid but unspectacular. This follow-up is much more complex and ambitious in its way, with a lot more to say and lot more time in which to say it. But most surprising of all is that Consolers of the Lonely might just be the best album Jack White has ever been involved in, a crowd-pleasing rocker with big hooks, beefy riffs, and all sorts of loving tributes to the classic rock of the 1970s. It’s an altogether fun album from beginning to end. Continue reading

You’ve had too much to think – Broken Boy Soldiers (2006)


Like all rock stars, it was only a matter of time before Jack White started in with the side projects. Ten years ago there was no indication precisely how many side projects he would indulge, making the debut of the Raconteurs in 2006 a minor event in the world of rock music. The Ranconteurs were much more than a Jack White vanity project though. For someone with such a reputation as a musical Willy Wonka, Jack White is generally quite collaborative when he’s in a band. For this new venture he teamed up with Brendan Benson, another singer-songwriter from the Detroit area, and with Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler, two musicians from the Cincinnati band The Greenhornes. Back in 2006 it was pitched as something of a “supergroup,” though Jack White was far and away the most well-known one, making it a somewhat spurious usage of the “supergroup” label. But for all of the minor hoopla surrounding the release of their debut, Broken Boy Soldiers, in 2006, the first album from The Raconteurs is a somewhat unassuming one. Continue reading