No Mere Brush War – The Last King of Scotland Review

Last King of Scotland cover

Fun fact: the flags are reversed on the countries…

I’m not a timid gamer. I don’t shy away from complexity, and I don’t mind long sessions. But something has always scared me a little bit about wargames. There are a lot of reasons for this. Fair or not, wargames equal complexity in my mind. Historicity is always a key consideration in the genre, and that means that little exceptions will exist to make the game a little more accurate. Such detail also means that the game will might run for a while, possibly hours. But as I’ve said, complexity and length is something I can negotiate with. The real reason that wargames are intimidating is because of the subculture that comes with them. It’s a world that exists outside of Renaissance princes and Orcish invaders, one of military tactics and an insane knowledge of historical minutia. I like history, but it’s hard to see a paper map with stacks of chits and not feel just a little inadequate. Continue reading